If there’s one thing I could eat 7 days a week it’s Mexican food. Anything served with chips and salsa is an automatic “yes” for me. My husband and I even went to Mexico on our honeymoon where we got to enjoy all the guacamole, quesadillas, and margaritas that our hearts could desire. I heard a new restaurant was opening in Johnson City that served our favorite food and wanted to share it with you!

The menu has something for everyone. You can choose one of the “Go Burrito!” signature recipes or make your own. They also have nachos, quesadillas, and all sorts of other options. I got the Hawaiian burrito filled with pork and pineapple salsa and Chris tried 3 different tacos. They have a salsa bar with variations like peach, pineapple, chipotle, and of course traditional.

We went on a day when the rain was absolutely pouring but they have a walk-up bar, outdoor seating, and board games available for people to play.

The service was excellent and you could easily customize the menu if you’re vegetarian or vegan. We will be back on a sunny day for drinks at the outdoor seating area. Go and see for yourself!

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