I didn’t know if I should write a blog post about the Shania Twain concert because I was nervous my pictures weren’t “good enough”. Then I realized that this trip with my sister was too special not to share regardless of low quality cell phone snaps. Shania Twain puts on a hell of a show! If you get a chance you should definitely go see her. Before the concert we went to Pancho & Lefty’s which is right across the street from Bridgestone Arena. My sister got a little preggo hungry and thought that the GPS lady was saying “tortillas” instead of “toward”. For example, “Take a right turn onto Main Street toward the interstate.” So when she asked me, “Do you hear tortillas? Why does she keep saying tortillas?” I knew we would be eating Mexican food for dinner. We sat on the rooftop level and had a feast of quesadillas, guacamole, and salsa.


Although he was filled to the brim with carbs, my nephew Arlow refused to move for me. With undisclosed motives, I suggested we stop in Mike’s for a scoop of ice cream.


Success! Orange sherbet is the way to my nephew’s heart. I felt him move for the very first time and I’m completely doomed, ladies and gents. This little boy already has me wrapped around his finger.


Shania Twain came out through the audience to start the show. Amazing! She sang her new song which has become a fast favorite, “Life’s About to Get Good”. Katie and I were trying to suck our tears back in because life is about to change in some big ways for us. She’s going to be a mom, I’m getting promoted to aunthood, and I’m starting my master’s program at Vanderbilt in 1 short month.

At one point, Shania floated above the crowd on a guitar case and dedicated “You’re Still the One” to an emotional crowd of fans. She thanked us for being on this journey with her for over 20 years.


I would be lying if I said that her outfits weren’t INSANELY GORGEOUS and I now have a pair of over the knee boots in my Amazon shopping cart.


Shania Twain sang all of her greatest hits and for about two hours I felt like everything was right with the world. That’s an incredible concert, right?

I want to take a minute to be brutally honest with you all. There’s a lot of confusion in my professional life these days. I’m quitting my job, taking out a nauseatingly large loan, and going back to school in the hopes that a master’s degree will open doors for a better job a year from now. To be honest, I’m unsure if the right job even exists for me. I feel like I’ve been trying on jobs like they’re wedding dresses for 5 years and still haven’t found the one. It might sound cliché but dancing and singing to someone I loved when times were simpler made me slow down and realize that my life could be on the verge of a major positive breakthrough. Better job, better pay, better opportunities??? Instead of being frozen in fear, I need to enjoy the ride. Life’s about to change. Life’s about to get crazier than it’s ever been. Life’s about to get good.

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