I’m bringing something a little different to the blog today. While you can usually find me with a cold glass of sweet tea, I also enjoy a cup of hot tea with honey. Teabloom sent over some of their flowering green teas and I have to say I’ve never had tea like this. Inside the canister, there are 12 green tea flower pods shaped like hearts. When you pour boiling water over the top of the pod and let it steep for 5-10 minutes, the pod opens up and blooms. It’s a truly beautiful site!

Tip: I bought a clear mug so I could watch it bloom but I think the pods would be better suited in a teapot.

The heart shaped blooming teas come in 6 flavors- Floral Sunset (Jasmine), Passion Bouquet (Pomegranate), Blooming Dreams (Strawberry), Forever Yours (Rose), The First Kiss (Litchi), and Love Reflections (Peach). You can find the other collections of tea canisters here such as berry, jasmine, or fruit.

I haven’t even told you the best part. You can steep each bloom up to 3 times which means more for your money.

Let me know how you like your tea!

Thank you to Teabloom for sponsoring today’s post.


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