I know I shared one of the pictures from Central Park when I wrote my birthday post but I wanted you all to see the others as well. I also want to announce the winner of the macaron giveaway!

The picture below is my favorite. My friend, Katie, took it. I’m very fortunate that among her many talents (she was also my makeup artist for my wedding) she takes the best pictures for Instagram. Lucky me!


There was a chill in the air and strong winds at times but the sunshine felt wonderful. I have to admit that I had no idea about the enormity of Central Park. I’ve seen aerial shots of Central Park in films and on television but trying to walk around and navigate it all was daunting. We barely made it around a third or fourth of the park! I think if Chris and I go in the summer we’ll devote a longer block of time to explore. Riding around on a bike would make this place easier to traverse but I can see myself pulling over a lot for snacks. If that says anything about me, my first thought after riding a bike through the park was, “But how will I eat a pretzel?”

If you’ve been to Central Park before, what’s your favorite thing to do? Let me know!

And now for the winner of a dozen French macarons from Ladurée…

Congrats to “The Unforseen Path” who writes the blog of the same name here about her struggles with infertility and PCOS. Message me your address and I’ll send them your way, girl! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Until next time,



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