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Hunter Rain Boots

Waterproof Rain Coat

Patagonia Pullover

Patagonia Jacket

Long and Short Sleeve Layers

I wanted to share what I packed for Portland in case anyone was wondering or packing for a similar trip!

I cannot stress how much I love my Hunter rain boots. I would buy them again in a heartbeat. I wore them almost every day and they are a must-have item. I got the “tour” version that fold up easily for packing.

I bought the Columbia rain coat specifically for the trip and it withstood light showers as well as huge waterfalls.

Patagonia’s Re-Tool Snap Pullover is ridiculously warm. I can’t put it on while still in the house or I start sweating so it’s definitely worth the price.

The Better Sweater Jacket also by Patagonia is a great layering piece. It’s the perfect jacket for layering and every day wear.

I get most of my long and short sleeve layers from Old Navy, Gap, and Target.

I hope this helps for anyone planning a trip somewhere rainy. Never let it stop you from having an incredible adventure.

Until next time,


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