I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl Sunday. Altogether I had a pretty phenomenal day. I spent most of it in the kitchen cooking and didn’t hurt a single person including myself. I ate my body weight in tortilla chips. I got what I wanted out of the Super Bowl (i.e. commercials and half-time shows). I laughed way too hard at the commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. I sang “Cry Me a River” secretly hoping that the rest of N*SYNC would make a surprise cameo. Best of all, I got to make great memories with some of my favorite people. 

Today I’d like to share the recipes that we prepared on Sunday for our Super Bowl party that doubled as a birthday party for my friend Hannah. My husband made a brisket and I won’t begin to share “insider secrets” on that process as if I’m an expert. I will say that since I got him this bluetooth grill thermometer he can monitor the temperature of the brisket from anywhere in the house. The bluetooth thermometer connects to his phone and alerts him to drops in temperature and tells him when the brisket is done. No more getting up every hour in the middle of the night to check the thermometer on the grill. He loves it!

I made the side dishes to go with his main attraction and nothing goes better with brisket than macaroni and cheese. There was nothing unique about the macaroni and cheese. I used half and half, equal parts cheddar and colby cheese, and paprika. The real star of the show was my green bean dish. I was inspired by this recipe but I substituted the ingredients I didn’t have for whatever was in my pantry. I hear that’s what actual chefs do so it made me feel legit. I swapped soy sauce for teriyaki sauce and the garlic powder for garlic salt. I didn’t add extra salt later and it came out exactly how I wanted. I also added extra bacon in the recipe because America. That’s why.

The last recipe I wanted to share is a super easy chili dip that pairs well with tortilla chips. Pigeon Forge has a store called the Farmhouse Kitchen located in the Old Mill District. They sell a Chili Starter Dip and it only has 3 ingredients.

2 tbsp chili powder

1 cup mayonaise

1 cup sour cream

Mix and chill for at least 4 hours.

Does anyone have any great recipes to share for the next party that comes along? The more carbs the better.

Until next time,


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