Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to the incomparable Dolly Parton! The Patron Saint of the Smokies makes my heart sing today and every day. I hope you all have stayed warm this week. Heck, I hope everyone has held on to his/her sanity this week if the kids have been out of school for snow. If you’re a teacher then I’m happy you (hopefully) got a well-deserved extra break. I’m praying that you’re all feeling well. The flu has hit our part of Tennessee so stay safe and if you’re leaving the house bring disinfecting wipes with you. I added a photo of me at Blackbird Bakery in Bristol because I went on Monday and stocked up. I’ve been thinking about them all week when I eat one of the dozen things I brought home. I’m also wearing the softest article of clothing I own and it’s perfect for a UT game so I’ll link it below. Ok, here we go!


These hair extensions are designed by Amber Fillerup who runs the insanely popular blog “Barefoot Blonde”. She has amazing hair tutorials and I’ve been wanting to braid my hair more but it is JUST SO THIN. Hopefully, adding even a few wefts will increase my confidence to fix my hair more often. I ordered sample wefts in 5 different shades to “try on” and match with my hair color. I will record the try on and put it on my Instagram stories if anyone is interested. You can follow me on Instagram @carlyvbarnes if you haven’t already. Once I match them with my natural hair I will order the full set. I have recently been focusing on perfecting my makeup routine but hair is my arch nemesis. I’m optimistic that adding more thickness to my hair will make the styles look better. Fingers crossed!


Danielle Nicole has designed this exquisite line of to-die-for Disney handbags. They are a dream come true for all of us grown up princesses. Coming in under $100 I can probably only buy one at a time but the hardest part is picking ONE. The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast… every single one is well made and the colors POP. The most dangerous part??? She recently released a Harry Potter line as well. Help me, Jesus. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing one of these soon. I’m not the girl that has too many purses but crossbody bags are too practical to pass up.


This coffee shop/cafe/listening room is the new kid on the block in downtown Bristol but you have to see this place if you’re nearby. The vibe in there is completely relaxed and welcoming. I popped in for a cup of tea on my way to the bakery on Monday and I could have stayed for hours. Next time I want to sit and write somewhere this is definitely where I’m headed. On the left hand wall there is a giant blackboard with a list of the events they’re hosting soon. I “liked” their Facebook page so I won’t miss it. Chris and I will have to try their menu and report back. The things I do for research…


Lounge wear is all the rage right now. Did you read that and comprehend it fully? Being comfortable and cozy and fluffy and soft is what it’s all about right now and I will ride this train until it falls of the tracks to its fiery death. In case you’re a skeptic like I was I’m here to tell you sherpa pullovers are worth every penny. This one is incredibly warm and shows off my Tennessee pride. I’ve been looking for a maroon one so if you guys have found any please let me know in the comments. Maroon was my wedding color so it makes me instantly happy to wear it. I think of the best women I know standing at my side draped in maroon and gold and it brings a smile to my face.


Oh. My. God. Chris and I love to watch Lip Sync Battle hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen. Last night they did a live tribute to Michael Jackson with Neil Patrick Harris, Laverne Cox, Taraji P. Henson, and Hailee Steinfeld. For those unfamiliar with the show, Lip Sync Battle is about helping you truly embody the original artist with the precise costumes, hair, makeup, set design, and a team of dancers at your disposal. When I first saw the list of performers I thought, “What is Hailee Steinfeld doing there?” Then she brought the house down and took home the Michael Jackson belt. On Lip Sync Battle the winner gets a blinged out belt similar to what they do for wrestling matches instead of a trophy. Every single person talked about the influence The King of Pop had on his/her life as a performer. The tribute was very professional and fun overall. I linked Hailee’s performance but you can watch any of them on YouTube.

That’s it for another round of “Friday 5 Things” and I hope I’ve brightened your day in some small way. You all make me feel so encouraged and I want to give you that positive energy right back. Stay warm and full of Vitamin C! On Saturday I’ll be heading to another baby shower in Sevierville. You can keep up with me via Instagram stories if you care to tune in.

Until next time,




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