This has been another long week. I felt like Friday might never come but I’m excited about going to a fancy Christmas party tonight. If you want to see what I’m wearing to the party you can follow me on Instagram @carlyvbarnes and watch my Instagram stories tonight. Since I wear scrubs 5 days a week I always get pumped when I have an opportunity to put on a dress and lipstick. I attached one of our Christmas card pictures at the top of this post but will do a full post with all of them later. Baby Joe was hamming it up for Tara so choosing a favorite was tough! Like me, the Friday 5 are random but I hope you enjoy these weekly posts.

Tennessee Vols Have a New Head Football Coach

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Phillip Fulmer. Thank you, Tennessee. We finally have a head coach after a long, exhaustive, and humiliating search. There were casualties along the way but we made it! We came out on the other side with Phillip Fulmer and Alabama’s Defensive Coordinator. I could take this opportunity to be completely negative about next season or I could say, “OK boys, show us what you’ve got.” OK boys… God help me… show us what you’ve got.

Reindeer Facts

Here are a few things you might not know about reindeer that I learned this week. First of all, feminists shout it loud and proud! Santa’s reindeer are most likely all female. Since older male reindeer shed their antlers in winter, it is highly likely that the reindeer depicted in all of your Christmas decor are ladies. Deal with it. Second, reindeer are the only mammals who can see ultraviolet light. What??? Reindeer are cool as hell, y’all. Leave those working women some carrots this year. They deserve both your respect and your root vegetables.


As you can tell from the picture of us with baby Joe, Chris went a little crazy this year with his outfit choice. He and my brother discovered OppoSuits a while back and he finally had an excuse to buy and wear an OppoSuit. He is particularly fond of it and I must admit I was shocked he picked an outfit that would draw attention to himself. He’s normally shy (yes, opposites attract) but if he’s happy then I’m happy. OppoSuits has a selection for women as well so we might end up with matching outfits at some point.

Christmas Cards with Walgreens

Walgreens has their Christmas cards 50% off until Decmber 16th. Today’s discount code is XMASCARD50 if you’re interested. We used them this year and the only downside is that I have to address the envelopes myself. The minimum order number is 20 cards which is great. Not everyone needs 100 or more. I saved time and money on shipping as well. I ordered them yesterday at lunch and they were ready for pick up at 8pm. The biggest upside is that I saved… are you ready for this… $250. Yeah, it was worth it to address my own envelopes this Christmas. I’ll live.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Everybody remember this store from middle school? Well they’ve really stepped up their game lately. You can find some great pieces there for under $100. I especially liked their sweater collection this winter. I’m keeping my eye on their site in case I find some more things that need to come live with me. It just goes to show you that creative businesses can rebrand themselves so don’t close the door on them for good.

Now that A&F is on everyone’s radar again I’d like to formally request that Limited, Too! make a come back as well. With their blow up couches, gelly roll pens, butterfly clips, and platform sandals how could this go wrong? This 90’s kid sees a lot of positives and absolutely zero negatives. So long as they bury those shorts with words written on the butt where they can never see the light of day (or my poor eyes) again.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Friday 5 Things”. Let me know in the comments below. We’re expecting snow in my neck of the woods tonight so everyone be prepared to fight someone in the grocery store for bread and milk. *Giveaway Update* There are 71 people subscribed to You, Me, and Tennessee. You guys are killing it! Thank you to everyone who signed up to receive an email when there’s a new post. If I get 29 more before Christmas then I’ll do a giveaway as a way of saying thanks for all your support. You can also pin these posts on Pinterest, follow me on Instagram, or join the Facebook page.

Until next time,





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