Today I’m sharing 5 things that have been on my mind lately. These are some links that will send you to more information if you’re interested but I promise I’m not sponsored by anyone. This week seemed to trudge by for some reason. Much of my time after work was spent getting the house decorated for Christmas. I’ve also spent some late nights trying to learn new programs for the blog and brainstorming ideas for posts. This weekend I’ll get to have girls’ night out and take an online class on blogging. I’m hoping it helps me produce the best blog posts for you guys. I’m incredibly grateful for all the people who are reading You, Me, and Tennessee. I’m thinking of doing a Christmas giveaway if I get to 100 subscribers so let me know what you think! Here are the 5 things that have been on my mind this week.

hitchswitch and Changing Your Last Name

Lord in Heaven, you guys. Do boys ever have to do anything??? The whole process of getting married is exhausting for women and all men have to do differently is wear a ring. Hitchswitch makes the process of changing your name less overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. I got the $29 package that includes them filling out all the paperwork for you then you print, sign, and send it off. I feel like a year from now I will find something that still says Barnes and have to call Jesus and America to switch it but for now all I’m waiting on is my new nursing license.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I read Murder on the Orient Express in May and saw the movie of the same title last month. Three words for you about the film: Killer. Ensemble. Cast. I enjoyed Agatha Christie’s book so much that I decided to read another. I’m about 20 pages in and I can’t put it down. The only element that might deter someone from reading her novels is that they involve quite a few characters. I find myself writing names down at first so I can stay on track with the story. Once you get through the initial introductions you’re hooked.

HBO’s The Newsroom

Chris and I started watching this show last night and unknowingly stayed up past midnight watching 4 episodes in a row. I think the show got 3 seasons in total but we like what we’ve seen of Season 1. It centers around a 24 hours news network and stars Jeff Bridges as the main news anchor. There are times when I can take him or leave him as an actor. I’m reminded of the live action 101 Dalmations and Fly Away Home. However, I was surprised at what a powerful performance he gives in The Newsroom and I’m sure we’ll keep watching.

Jennifer Hudson x Pentatonix “How Great Thou Art”

I’m all about a cappella right now. I’m re-watching old seasons of Glee, I’m getting pumped for Pitch Perfect 3, and I’m listening to Pentatonix every chance I get. I was moved to tears the first time I heard Pentatonix sing “Mary, Did You Know?”. When I saw that they were singing”How Great Thou Art” I knew it would be chilling to hear. Jennifer Hudson will blow you away. This video is a must-watch.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Ornament

I wanted an ornament for my tree that reminded me of home and I found this one on ebay. Explaining how I feel whenever I’m in the national park is best described as being at home in my heart. This one was featured in my Christmas tree decorating post here and it has quickly become one of my favorites. After seeing it you just might need one for yourself or a person who cherishes their Smoky Mountain home as much as I do.

Now that I have those 5 things off my chest I can get ready for what is sure to set up shop in my mind next week. Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments. If you haven’t already subscribed or followed me on Instagram that would totally make my day. I’m serious about doing a giveaway if I get to 100 subscribers and right now I’m at 43. Let’s do this! Happy weekend, everyone.

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