This year we decided to start a new Christmas tradition with our tree. We normally have a blue and silver tree and it’s a long story but my husband thought I liked the blue tree and I thought he did. Anyway, we both wanted a red and green tree we just never communicated that because we didn’t want to hurt each other’s feelings. Relationships are weird, y’all. Fast forward a couple months and we’ve got the first Christmas tree that feels incredibly personal to the newly cemented Kibler family.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


There she is! Our red and green tree. She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’ll likely get defaced (thanks Joe). This year we decorated with ornaments to commemorate special trips, things that are unique to us as individuals, and of course our wedding/honeymoon. Chris is represented by a video game controller and a grill. I have a black bear and Snow White who was my favorite princess when I was a little girl. This year we added wedding ornaments that were gifted, a sea turtle, and an obnoxiously large technicolor sugar skull that I simply had to have.


Last but not least I wanted to show you our self timer fail for your viewing pleasure. I didn’t have the right settings but we caught Joe’s face as he was trying to run away from my love. As much as my child feels the need to dole out kisses, he obviously doesn’t enjoy being on the receiving end when I’m handing them out. I honestly think he’s smart enough to know I have lipstick on and didn’t want pink fur.


I hope your Christmas is filled with as much love as Joe is trying so desperately to avoid. Show me pictures of your Christmas trees on You, Me, and Tennessee’s Facebook page! I think it’s interesting how 1,000 different people have 1,000 different trees. It makes me smile to think of all the ornaments and the stories they tell.

Until next time,




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