You want to know the hardest part about getting married? It’s not the planning, or the meddling family members, or the money. The hardest part of getting married is finding the right person and waiting for him/her to ask you. 




Meeting Chris was easy since we were set up on a blind date. Realizing he was the one was more complicated but I had a wonderful time figuring it out. We went on tons of adventures together. He took me to Niagara Falls the first Christmas we were together. We’ve been white water rafting, zip lining, cruising, hiking, you name it! I knew that I could see myself growing old with Chris but I was never one of those girls who would say, “If you don’t ask me by (insert time here) then I’m leaving.” My parents got divorced after being married for 30 years back in 2014 and it freaked me out. I mean it REALLY freaked me out so I actually asked Chris NOT to ask me and let me process my parents’ divorce. Now, I wonder why we ever waited but here we are getting married when we’re more than ready which is better than being nervous and hoping for the best. We did what was right for us and I am so glad to be in a relationship with Chris because he respects me. He never pushed me to be ready for marriage. I have enjoyed spending the last 5 and a half years together as an unmarried couple. Man have we had fun!

I had no idea I would meet someone who loves me as much as Christopher loves me. I am a grumpy old man and he lets me be me. He is always up for date night, he still brings me flowers, and now we have baby Joe who is truly the furry icing on the cake. Chris is going to be one of the greatest dads you’ll ever meet in your life. I can’t wait for that… and then again I can wait because I really like having this world with just the two of us. He makes me laugh when I’m in a bad mood. He works hard every day to provide for me and for Joe. There are times that I forget how different we are and times when it stares me in the face. We are ying and yang in a lot of ways but it completely works for us.

I took some time to vent the other day about wedding planning but here’s the truth: Weddings aren’t hard. Weddings are hard for me because I get anxiety about everything from Global Climate Change to how often I should buy a new toothbrush. I need to think of this as “getting married to Chris” not just a wedding because this will end up being the most rewarding thing I’ll ever do in  my life. I can’t imagine what my life would look like without Christopher. Every time I look at him I realize that the hardest part is over. Forget catering, flowers, the perfect dress, or any of that. I found someone who will love me for the rest of our lives. He has eyes I can get lost in and he literally makes me swoon. While other people think they’re coming to a wedding, I’m showing up to the farm tomorrow to take a walk with my daddy toward Christopher. Then we’ll walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. Here’s to my groom. My best man. My dweam wiffin a dweam. I love you, Chris. I want nothing more than to live the rest of my life being overwhelmed with love for you.

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