Happy Friday everyone! This weekend I will be living my best life in Asheville, NC for my bachelorette party. We’ll be going to Cider Fest on Saturday and exploring the city. I wanted to get a little nostalgic since the wedding is only 3 weeks away and decided to relive Christopher’s proposal. Here goes! I hope you enjoy a piece of our love story.

May 21st was otherwise meaningless to me in that it wasn’t our anniversary or a special occasion. I was completely unaware that I would be engaged when I went to sleep that night. We made plans to see my brother being sworn in to the Army at a Smokies game in Kodak later that day. Chris asked me if I wanted to go to Knoxville beforehand and have lunch. Of course I said, “Yes!” I will jump at any excuse to go to Knoxville to spend time with Chris because that’s where we met. While I was getting ready he asked, “Do you want to go to Cafe 4?” I immediately agreed. Cafe 4 is where we went on our first date. We were set up on a blind date and I was so nervous I honestly don’t remember much except what I wore. I kept telling myself, “Don’t talk too much. You’ll scare him away.”

When I got out of the car to walk to Market Square Chris hung back and said he had lost something in the console. I offered to help but he brushed me off. He wanted me to stay away from the car. I had no idea he was putting the ring in his pocket but I started to get suspicious because he’s never impatient with me (yes, I’m as amazed as you). I glanced at his pockets but didn’t see a sign of a ring box so I let it go.

At Cafe 4 he asked if I would like a glass of my favorite wine. “What’s the occasion?” I asked. He insisted he was just being thoughtful and I felt so lucky to have him. We toasted white wine and enjoyed an intimate lunch al fresco.

As we were walking across the bridge at World’s Fair Park he handed me a note. I won’t divulge the complete contents of the note but when I turned around he was on one knee with a ring unlike anything I had imagined. He said he wanted to get me a ring with jewels more precious than diamonds because diamonds are not as rare as people would have you think. He said he wanted my ring to be different and special. He said he asked me on May 21st because he saw this ring and knew it was the one. He couldn’t wait any longer. You already know what I said. “YES!”


It has been quite a long road from May 21st, 2016 to October 28, 2017 but we’re almost there! I can’t wait to be Christopher’s wife and be able to finally call him my husband.

Until next time,





***Professional photos by Tara Hodges with Sweet Snaps.






  1. A wonderful couple, of course I am biased…. Looking forward to being there on your special day and many years that follow.

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