Nashville night life is all about live music and heavy pours from the bartender. After visiting the French Quarter in New Orleans I would say that the difference is less jazz and more country but the atmosphere is comparable. Every where you turn there’s a honky tonk waiting for you with a live band and a cold drink. Many places have cover charges after a certain time so all you need to do is shop around. I promise you’ll have a great time so if you do pay a cover charge it’s not a deal breaker. Next time I’ll have to go to Coyote Ugly and dance on the bar! Sadly, I was wearing a dress and not drunk enough to say YOLO. I still have a lot to mark off my Nashville Bucket List so another trip is in store.

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Neon signs lined the streets and contained every color imaginable. The Boardwalk Boot Co. girl is my favorite! I also like Betty Boots but her sign was in need of repair. Between the color and sound of the neon signs they reminded me of certain zapping lights on the front porch and the drunk girls gravitating toward them reminded me of bugs. I’m just teasing! They are truly works of art. Capturing these signs on camera is difficult. You should go see them for yourself! I promise your eyes will sparkle.

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For those who don’t know, Tootsie’s has a back alley entrance if you can’t get in the front door. The night we visited it was so packed we couldn’t breathe so we didn’t stay long but if you make it to Broadway at night you have to go to Tootsie’s. There are multiple floors with a different live band on each.

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Tequila Cowboy has a mechanical bull but (sorry for repeating myself) I messed up and wore a dress. Next time I’ll make sure to wear my favorite boots and jeans so I can try my luck! I have some incredible boots that need their time to shine.

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This copper top bar belongs to Merchants and we stopped in for a cocktail. Merchants felt frozen in time in the best way. The service there is impeccable so I would suggest this place for dinner and drinks any day. Chris got a Moscow Mule and it was surprisingly not served in a copper mug because people steal and ruin fun things but we did get free popcorn from the bar to munch on so I’d still call it a win. We each took the time to slow down and enjoy our drinks there… even Laura who ordered a Shirley Temple. Ha!

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Like I said in yesterday’s post we went back to Acme since the rooftop bar was open. The view of downtown and the Cumberland River is breathtaking. Yes, we were packed up there like an overweight carry-on but it was well worth it to see the city from a new vantage point. It was a warm night but there was a breeze blowing. Perfect for hand holding in my opinion and even better for kissing on rooftops.

Nashville night life was a sight to behold filled with emerging artists and cram packed classic bars around every corner. I feel like I was merely dipping my toes in the water this time around but when I come back to Broadway I’ll be ready to hit the town!

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