I’m trying something new this week and I hope to continue with these kinds of weekly updates. “Friday Food for Thought” will be a series in which I share advice, life happenings, interesting links, and ask for travel recommendations based on what our weekend holds. I might even share actual food! This first post on Food for Thought” could be filed under advice. Wedding chaos is in full swing as we make our way to October so here are some of my thoughts on time management.

“Busy” is a blessing.

When I’m busy, I wish I was at home watching Netflix. When I’m at home with nothing to do I wish I had plans. Honestly, a good balance is hard for anyone to strike but being busy means that you have people in your life you care about so there are worse things. Giving someone your time is a huge deal. Time may be infinite but life most certainly is not. When you’re busy with homework be grateful you can go to school. When you’re busy at work be grateful you have a job. When your social calendar is full be grateful you have people in your life who want to spend time with you.

Make time for loved ones.

There is such a thing as being “too busy” but you should never be too busy for the people who matter most in your life. I believe in making time for people. Is it inconvenient sometimes? Sure. But a good relationship is more important than convenience. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve driven all over creation in less than 36 hours to spend time with someone we love.

Know when to punt.

Of course there will be instances when you can’t do it all. Being invited to two events on the same day means you have to say “no” to someone but also the sheer exhaustion of life plays a big part too. Sometimes you’re out of steam. You have nothing left to give and you have to say “no” for the sake of self preservation or simply for scheduling reasons.

Be kind to yourself.

Self care has a bad reputation. There tends to be a selfish connotation attached to self care and I don’t understand why. Everyone needs time for himself or herself in order to stay sane. Give yourself the same consideration you would give your best friend. Whatever you need to do that feels therapeutic is beneficial. Maybe it’s getting a pedicure, reading a good book, or going to Zumba class. There is no wrong way to come back to your center.

Final thoughts…

Balance is the ultimate goal in life. Inside our bodies it’s called homeostasis. Outside our bodies it’s called “adulting”. Truth be told, I consider “fake it till you make it” to be one of the best explanations I’ve heard but mindfully considering how best to manage your time is a step in the right direction. The way I see it, you should go to bed tired because that means you did something with the 24 hours you were given that day.

This evening we will be on our way to Nashville to see our friend Laura! She was the one who set Chris and I up on a blind date 5.5 years ago so she is one of our favorite humans of all time. We are going to Flugtag on Saturday (click on Flugtag for more info) and would love any restaurant recommendations from y’all. Please leave them in the comments section below! Also let me know if you want more of these posts.

Until next time,



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