After I got my surprise (you’ll find out tomorrow!) I was ready to eat. We were close to The Grove Park Inn and Chris had never seen it so we decided to go have a look around. On the way, we passed Taco Temple and I knew we’d end up eating a late lunch there because it is a rare occurrence that Chris passes up tacos. Turns out this unassuming little restaurant serves up some seriously authentic cuisine. The best part? I had the most flavorful shrimp taco of my short life.

I am a strange bird in more ways than I care to admit but I got the opportunity to order and authentic taco and I went for the seafood variety. After eating them, I can say beaming with pride that I regret nothing. BEST. SHRIMP. TACO. EVER. Y’ALL. The fish was superb as well. Their salsa was heaven and what we both commented was that it didn’t taste like every other batch of salsa you’ve had at a Mexican restaurant. One taste and you’ll be able to tell they really took their time getting the recipe right. Much appreciated, Taco Temple. Kudos to you.


They kept the decor simple on the inside but still inviting. Incorporating a mix of antique and contemporary pieces was the perfect choice. Taco Temple also has a beautiful mural on the wall of a woman preparing their house made corn tortillas. I have to say that I felt like I was already on my honeymoon in Mexico and I didn’t want to leave. My crowded mind needed a break and some good food and our day spent in Asheville certainly fit the bill.

Sidenote: I also got to go to Trader Joe’s for the first time. Now I’m wondering how ridiculous it would be to drive an hour and 15 minutes on a weekday to get some more shrimp tacos and shop at Trader Joe’s.

I love that Chris and I took a chance on a seemingly plain restaurant and made a great memory together. When it comes to taking chances, delicious food is always worth the risk. Tune in tomorrow to see my surprise!

Until next time,


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