My Ohio bachelorette party could not have been more enjoyable! I felt like a local and definitely part of the family since I got to celebrate my upcoming nuptials and one of the last weekends of summer at Put-In-Bay. Christopher’s family did the planning so I got to feel special and enjoy myself without worrying about playing the role of cruise director. After all this wedding planning it thrilled me to no end to get a break. I love planning things in all honesty but it feels great when I get to go with the flow.

Amanda made reservations at Goat Soup and Whiskey which none of us had ever been to before so we were excited to see what was in store. Apparently, they have a restaurant in Summit County, Colorado in the winter and then they relocate to Put-in-Bay for the summer. How neat! The outside of the restaurant looked cozy the same way the inside of a house looks “lived in”. The wood beams and exposed brick were charming. I’m also a sucker for string lights in the outdoor seating area. I much prefer that vibe to a fancy restaurant where you feel like you can’t breathe without exercising proper etiquette. This place was on another level than a pub or casual restaurant without being pretentious. The inside was decorated similar to a man’s hunting cabin with deer heads mounted on the walls but the star of the show was a large, white, taxidermied goat that I got to sit next to as the guest of honor.

IMAG0602IMAG0596IMAG0595 (1)IMAG0605IMAG0593IMAG0592

There he is! I’m assuming the goat is a “he” because I was not intoxicated enough at this point to verify my suspicions. Just kidding! Y’all know I had to look up gender differences in goats and it’s actually incredibly difficult to distinguish between male and female so now I don’t feel ignorant and hopefully that’s a question on Jeopardy!

The prices of the entrees are a little higher than average but certainly worth it once you taste your food. Plus, going there on a special occasion is a wonderful excuse to treat yo’self.  After looking at the list of appetizers I think you could also go and have a decadent meal from that corner of the menu and save money at the same time. Back to the topic of entrees, I got the Shrimp Scampi and holy heaven was it good. Danielle got the Seafood Mac’n’Cheese that was garnished with two large portions of lobster tail and the other lovely ladies got steaks which looked divine.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my future mother-in-law for buying my dinner and my favorite bottle of wine. Y’all, she literally wined and dined me.

Put-in-Bay is full of seafood restaurants but Goat Soup and Whiskey stole the show as far as I’m concerned. Thank you to Danielle, Amanda, Elizabeth, Clarissa, and Veronika for making this weekend such a wonderful memory! Tune in tomorrow for a bachelorette guide to Put-in-Bay. Shenanigans will be documented for posterity.

Until next time,




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