My friend Brittni (pictured center) is getting married in September and we recently went to North Carolina for her bachelorette weekend. She is a veterinarian and basically a rockstar. She graduated, started a new job, and is planning her wedding all at the same time. Nobody needed a girls trip more than she did! We were driving toward Blue Ridge Parkway to go on a hike when we saw the most beautiful patch of sunflowers. As a farm girl, Britt is a long time lover of sunflowers. I really felt like they were there just for her. It had to be fate.

We started saying we would “have to go back on the way home”. Then we passed another big field of them. The whole time I’m thinking, “No time like the present. Go for it, Jonesy.” Before I could get the words out she whipped that suburban over to the side of the interstate and we jumped out. I was giddy with excitement. I kept jumping around the stalks trying not to disturb the bees.

Confession: Brittni and I get so stressed out sometimes that we forget to be spontaneous. We’re both planning our weddings and it’s really nice to have someone who truly knows how I feel. We’re scheduling everything but our bowel movements right now and it’s times like these that self care can take a back seat. Pulling over to jump into a sea of sunflowers was not only liberating for us, it was pure magic.


Literally stopping to smell the sunflowers was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed.  Flowers make people happy simply because they exist. Clearly their relationship with bees and the process of pollination makes food possible but let’s not overthink it. Food makes people happy for the same reason- it exists. I think it’s safe to say I want to be a flower when I grow up. Maybe something a little flashier though like a Bird of Paradise or a Snapdragon.

Jonesy, here’s to many more unexpected adventures with you even after we’re old married ladies. I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.

Until next time,



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