We drove all the way to Pennsylvania to find out that we were the only Kiblers at the Kibler Family Reunion. I’m serious when I say that no distance is ever too great to spend time with family. Plus, I got pictures of Grandpa smiling! This is a memory I won’t soon forget.Β 

DSC_0212DSC_0186DSC_0188DSC_0195DSC_0208DSC_0209DSC_0198DSC_0210DSC_0200family reunion 2

The Kibler Family Reunion is held on the last Saturday in July annually. Christopher and I had never been together and he goes with me to my family’s reunion every year so when Grandpa mentioned that he was going we were totally in! We don’t get to see Grandpa as much as we would like since he lives in Florida and I’m saving my vacation time for our honeymoon. We knew we had to go if we could see Grandpa over the weekend and all it would take is a (seven hour) car ride. Christopher’s family reunion was located in a gorgeous park in the town of Hastings, Pennsylvania which is east of Pittsburgh. Once we got there, we quickly realized we were the only Kiblers there! Everyone else was the child of a Kibler or the spouse of a Kibler who had a different last name. The people there were thrilled to have actual Kiblers at the Kibler Family reunion. We couldn’t help but laugh! I said, “Well now I’m really glad we came and I don’t even count yet!” At first it was unseasonably cold and we ended up in jackets and sweatshirts (especially the Floridians) but soon the sun came out. We ate my favorite foods… homemade and lined up potluck style. I did not, however, partake of the sauerkraut that his family is so crazy about. Why?!? While we were exhausted when we got home I am a firm believer that going out of your way to spend time with family is always time well spent. The whole trip was worth it to get pictures of Grandpa actually SMILING! I repeat: the elusive smiling Grandpa pictures have been captured. He’s always the one making jokes and he and Grandma would laugh until their sides hurt when they were together so he’s not an unhappy person- he just loathes taking pictures. I must have caught him on a good day and he sheepishly agreed. He’s the family Casanova now and he can’t say “no” to a pretty girl. I know we’ll cherish these pictures for years to come. Christopher and I had a wonderful time and are sure to be back!

Until next time,


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